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expert in customer service advice and business quality advice

An Introduction To Chris Daffy

Hello and welcome to my website, thank you for choosing to look through it, I really believe you'll find it extremely useful for both your professional development and for the improvement of your business excellence. The customer service strategies that I talk about have been implemented by some of the most successful brands on the planet. As well as the Customer Loyalty Club, we have a selection of proven products to choose from in the online customer service shop (coming soon). I would also recommend you read the 'Ideas & Inspirations' section, it has a great deal of FREE content, insightful musings and a look at the lighter side of business.

Anyway, enough about that, I wanted to give you a brief background into me as a customer experience professional. Below is a breakdown of my experience and credibility in all areas I have had the privilege of making an impact.

Before my fascination with customer appreciation
in customer service

Before I became known for my contribution to customer service, I am proud to say I had a successful career in business as an engineer, salesman, marketer, business manager and ‘serial’ entrepreneur.

I loved business from an early age and as a forward thinking professional, always looking to learn new things I started to focus on really understanding the customer.

Without my background in business I would not have been able to access the resources and people that built up my hunger and enthusiasm for customer service.

"If you want to be inspired, motivated and razzle-dazzled then get Daffy in."

Cyril Gates,
Head of Customer Service,
BBC Resources

When I became a
Top Selling Author

I began working as a consultant for a series of extremely well respected companies and it is from there and my access to great minds that I started writing about customer service.

I am very proud to be a best selling author. My first book ‘Once a Customer – Always a Customer’ was first published in October 1996. It is one of the UK’s top selling books on the subject of customer service and sold across the Globe, including America and India. It is currently available as an e-book and Kindle version at my Online Shop (coming soon).

My second book, ‘How to WOW Your Customers’ is already a best seller in the UK. If you are a decision maker in your business you may be interested to know that ‘How to WOW Your Customers’ can be styled up and branded for your company so you can hand it to your employees and your customers, it can even include a foreword by yourself. For more on this contact me.

I’m pleased to say, I am currently in the process of writing my third book on customer service.

The Institutions and Networks I am part of

Over the years I have founded and been associated with many of the leading customer service institutes. I am a companion of the Institute of Customer Service and founder of a series of successful group and organizations, including:

I also dedicate time to working with Manchester Business School and the Institute of Customer Service to organize and host UK, European and American Study Tours of Service Excellence.

As a founding member of The Academy of Service Excellence, I am often delivering consultancy work across Europe. This includes my incredibly popular 'Master Practitioner Programme' and 'Leadership Forum'. To find out more about The Academy of Service Excellence please visit the website:


My work as an International
Speaker and Chairperson

It is probably no secret that one of my favorite roles is that of speaker or chairperson at an event. I have chaired events around Europe and continue to do so.
My speaking talents have taken me all around the world. As you can see throughout the site, my style is based on humour, practical advice and energy.

I am available for special events either as a speaker or chairperson. If you would like to find out more or for an informal chat please email me.

Creating Products to
Help Business

I have created a series of products designed to develop your understanding and expertise within the field of customer service and customer loyalty. From video tutorials to articles and books, I have covered a range of mediums, working with the finest business people in the world over a twenty year period.

My video training programmes are used by over 1000 of the
UK’s major businesses and some of the greatest minds in industry have joined the Customer Loyalty Club. To find out more about my products and programmes, please visit the Customer Loyalty Club.

Chris Daffy's range of products, for building a loyal customer club
businesses helped by Chris Daffy's Customer experience advice

The Customer Loyalty Club

My passion for business, and in particular customer service and customer loyalty plans, has lead me to work with some of the worlds leading entrepreneurs and multi-million pound businesses. This has lead to me developing a system which shows the techniques involved in creating loyal customers.

In 2013 I launched The Customer Loyalty Club, an online members club aimed at high end professionals and their teams. The Club has a variety of elements that include teaching the art of quality customer service & customer loyalty and imparting the business knowledge of some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs.

Please contact us for more information.