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The Customer
Loyalty Club

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How To WOW Your Customers

Service: The Original Chris Daffy Programme



The Original, Acclaimed, Top Selling
Customer Service Programme

In 1999 Chris Daffy created the ultimate Customer Service programme. This legendary customer service programme has helped thousands of companies create and keep customers for life. We are now able to offer the whole, original programme online and challenge you to become 'famous for service'.

This video package is a complete Customer Service training programme. It explains why in ever more changing markets, customer service has become one of the most important elements of business success and how you could develop a style and level of service that will provide both competitive advantage and customer loyalty.

Chris Daffy is the UK's number one speaker on Customer Service and is also the author of the UK's best-selling book on Customer Service, 'Once a Customer Always a Customer'. Chris has over 40 years of sales, marketing and management experience and 'wows' audiences with his practical, easy-to-understand ideas and advice based on personal experience, research and common sense. His presentations are entertaining, energetic, inspirational and packed with simple concepts that are immediate value to any business.


The Externally Notices Elements –
How to WOW Your Customer

  • The key elements of customers' perceptions of service
  • How to see yourself from your customers' perspective
  • Worthwhile partnering techniques
  • Using +1's to WOW your customers

The Internally Controlled Elements – Creating A Service Culture

  • Attracting and keeping the best people
  • Developing the individual service delivery skills
  • Structuring the organization for high service
  • Creating the right customer service systems

The Relationship Between Service And Loyalty

  • The magic and myths about customer loyalty
  • How customer service can lead to true loyalty
  • The relationship between loyalty and market competitiveness
  • The vital ingredients for lifetime loyalty

Differentiation Through Service

  • How to use customer service as a strategic differentiator
  • Why high service creates the best financial returns
  • How to combine service with other key elements to create your own unique brand offer

The Key Service Leadership Issues

  • Establishing a service vision
  • The core values that deliver high service
  • Communicating the message to everyone
  • Aligning the whole company behind a service mission

Winning With Pace

  • Creating perpetual service innovation and improvement
  • Generating a sustainable world-class pace
  • Outpacing the competition


Online Video 1 – The Famous For Service Lecture

  • Part 1 – Managing Exceptional Service
  • Part 2 – Creating Customer WOW's

Online Video 2 – The Interview

  • Part 3 – In-depth interview of Chris Daffy with Peter Wheeler

Online Video 3 – Case Studies 1

  • Aberconwy Park – A UK caravan park delivering world-class service
  • Manchester Airport – Voted 'World's Best Airport' in 1997
  • Mansell Plc – Voted 'UK's Best Contractor' in 1998

Online Video 4 – Case Studies 2

  • Britannia Building Society – Using Chris Daffy's techniques to become famous for service
  • Co-op Travelcare – The UK’s largest independent travel agent with amazing service levels
  • Toyota – Consistently rated top in the JD Power surveys of service and reliability


  • An Exercise E-Book
  • Trainers Guide

By the end of this programme you will be able to identify where you can improve your Customer Service delivery and how to mobilize your whole workforce to make your organisation 'famous for service'.


My Customer Service Programme has been helping make businesses better for over 13 years, the content is as useful and relevant today as it was back in 1998.

The programme has been reproduced and turned in to an easy to view, instant access, online programme with all the original content intact. I wanted to offer this incredible discount because though the content is still first class the recordings, as you can imagine, are not HD quality.


Once A Customer Always A Customer