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A 12 Day Programme to enable delegates to become highly skilled practitioners in the use of the tools and techniques of Customer Loyalty Management

Very few organisations have a reputation for service excellence. Even fewer have found ways to use service strategically so that it builds customer loyalty, improves employee morale and boosts sales and profits. And when it comes to people with the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to know how to actually do this, with years of involvement in most markets, locally and internationally, and with businesses of all types and sizes, you’re now down to just a handful. Chris Daffy is amongst that small, select handful of people who do actually know how this is done. He has spent almost 20 years researching, writing about and working with organisations, of all sizes and from a variety of sectors, helping them design and deploy loyalty building, World Class customer service.

This programme is the result of Chris’s research and experiences. It contains insights and expertise from years of focus and study, coupled with the latest thinking and techniques, all tested and honed through practical experience. It also contains references to and the thoughts of many other service specialists, business leaders, academics and practitioners that Chris has met, researched and worked with.

The people who will benefit most from this programme are business owners and leaders and people with responsibility for influencing, implementing or changing the level or style of service delivery in any type of organisation.

It enables delegates to quickly and effectively gain a World Class understanding of Customer Loyalty Management and the tools and techniques of successful implementation. Throughout the programme delegates are immersed in the subjects of Service Excellence, Customer Experience and Loyalty Management in order to equip them with highly focussed ‘service goggles’ that will enable them to recognise service failings and loyalty building opportunities that most others miss or overlook. It also provides them with the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to change things in their own organisations in ways that will make worthwhile business differences; the kind of differences that can create sustainable competitive advantage, substantially increased customer loyalty and improvements in both the top and bottom line results.

There is an intense focus on practical implementation. ‘Live’ projects, relevant case studies, guest academic and practitioner visits, video clips and interviews and numerous tested and proven tools and techniques are therefore included. References are also made to all the theory and academic research necessary to validate the recommended practices. Above all, it is delivered in the relaxed, engaging, humorous and enjoyable style Chris has become famous for. So as well as learning how to deliver World Class customer experiences, the delegates will also look forward to and thoroughly enjoy every event.

The people who will benefit most from this programme are business owners and leaders and people with responsibility for influencing, implementing or changing the level or style of service delivery in any type of organisation. By the end of the programme they will have a clear and thorough understanding of the subject of Customer Loyalty Management. They will know how to measure and analyse any service offering and then how to simply and practically turn it into a series of planned, positive, loyalty building and value enhancing customer experiences. They will also know how to make their colleagues interested and engaged in the subject so they too will want to play their part in designing and delivering ever improving levels of customer service.

Programme Introduction - 2 Days

This is an introduction to the subject of Customer Loyalty Management and an overview of the various elements of the full programme. During this introduction we consider what is the Customer Loyalty Code and how Service Excellence, Customer Experiences and Customer Loyalty Management may be used to create worthwhile differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage. We also agree the practical projects that will be used to test the theory, tools and techniques learned throughout the programme.

Analysis Tools and Techniques

Customer Experience Profiling – ½ Day

During this session we consider the various Experience profiling techniques including:

  • Worse – Expected – Better Analysis
  • Importance/Performance Analysis
  • Before – During – After Analysis

Experience Clue Analysis – ½ Day

This session is focussed the various ways Experience Clues are identified and analysed. The key topics are:

  • Standard Clues Identification
  • Sensory Clues Identification
  • Subtle Clues Identification

Financial Analysis – ½ Day

There is often a need to build a robust financial case to justify the allocation of resources to Customer Loyalty Management. This session will demonstrate various ways this may be done using:

  • Poor/High Service Cost/Value Analysis
  • Potential Lifetime Values Analysis
  • Lost/At Risk Customer Values Analysis
  • Fixed/Shifting Loyalty Values Analysis

Culture Analysis - ½ Day

The right culture is critical to success in any Customer Loyalty Management programme. This session will investigate the best ways to use techniques like:

  • Culture Audits
  • Leadership Audits
  • IQ/EQ Audits

Experience Clue Spotting Safari - 1 Day

This involves a visit to a major Retail Centre (e.g. Blue Water, Bull Ring or Trafford Centre) to spend a day spotting and analysing the Standard, Sensory and Subtle clues that different traders knowingly and unknowingly create and transmit.

Everlasting Customer Loyalty Planning Techniques - 2 Days

Experience Envisioning - ½ Day

Having used the preceding techniques to analyse the ‘As Is’ situation, the next job is to decide what should be the new and better 'To Be' situation. This is done by use of the following techniques:

  • Employee - Perfect Day Analysis
  • Customer - Perfect Service Analysis
  • Vivid Description Crafting

Experience Mapping - 1 Day

Having learned how to spot and analyse Customer Experience Clues, and decided what is the ideal 'To Be' situation, the next challenge is to know how to plan and place the new experiences, so as to have the required influence on customers’ current and future behaviour. To do this the following techniques will be considered:

  • Before – During – After Experience Planning
  • First – Top – Tail Experience Planning
  • Expectation – Experience – Memory Management Techniques
  • Creating WOW Experiences
  • Removing OUCH Experiences
  • Delivering Dazzling Recovery Experiences
  • Simple and Effective Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Right People/Focus/Behaviours - ½ Day

The module will be to consider ways to ensure the right people are in the right jobs and behaving the right ways for success. This will include:

  • Right People
    • Management – Hogan Selection Tools
    • Front Line – STARS Selection Tool
  • Right Focus – Goal Alignment Techniques
  • Right Behaviours – Values Alignment Techniques

Execution Tools and Techniques - 2 Days

Most research indicates that about 70-80% of organisational change programmes fail to achieve their initial goals. There’s little point therefore in learning all the preceding tools and techniques if the delegates don’t then know how to implement the plan in ways that will put them in the 20% to 30% success category. This module will therefore concentrate on the various tools and techniques to achieve that, including:

  • The Kotter 8-Step Plan
  • The Black and Gregersen Domino Model
  • The Heath Brothers SWITCH techniques
  • The 2 Basic Programme Launch Techniques
  • The Most Successful Communication Techniques

Monitoring Tools and Techniques - 1 Day

Having set the programme off on the right lines, it will be important to set in place various means of measuring progress to ensure it stays on the right lines to deliver success. This session will therefore look at the various monitoring tools and techniques available to do that, including:

  • Satisfaction/Loyalty Measurement Techniques
  • Experience Measurement Techniques
  • Progress Measurement Techniques
  • Pace of Improvement Measurement Techniques

Programme Close Event – 2 Days

The final sessions of the programme are ones where we reflect on what has been learned and share the most interesting and insightful experiences from the programme. We also revisit any subjects where delegates feel more breadth or depth of knowledge would be useful.

Finally, the delegates are required to prepare and deliver a presentation, usually to senior management, highlighting what they have learned, how they will use it and what outcomes they expect to achieve as a result.

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