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A 12 Day Programme to enable delegates to become highly skilled practitioners in the use of the tools and techniques of
Customer Loyalty Management

The Customer Loyalty Management Master Practitioner Programme involves 12 days of intensive study and practice, with the goal of enabling delegates to quickly and effectively gain a World Class understanding of Customer Loyalty Management and the tools and techniques of successful implementation. Throughout the programme delegates are immersed in the subjects of Service Excellence, Customer Experience and Loyalty Management in order to equip them with highly focussed 'service goggles' that will enable them to recognise service failings and loyalty building opportunities that most others miss or overlook. It also provides them with the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to change things in their own organisations in ways that will make worthwhile business differences; the kind of differences that can create sustainable competitive advantage, substantially increased customer loyalty and improvements in both the top and bottom line results.

By the end of the programme
delegates will have a clear and
thorough understanding of the subject of Customer Loyalty Management.

The Core Content includes;

  • Why a New Approach to creating Customer Loyalty in now Essential
  • Understanding the Customer Loyalty Code and how to crack it
  • Making Service Delivery a key element of Core Strategy
  • The Style and Focus of Great Service Leaders
  • Attracting, Selecting and Retaining Service Delivery Stars
  • Creating and Sustaining a Service Support Culture
  • Crafting Effective Service Delivery Processes
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping Tools and Techniques
  • Gathering and Utilising Worthwhile Customer Feedback
  • How to use the latest Service Science to Boost Success
  • The Power of WOW Creation, Dazzling RECOVERY and OUCH Elimination
  • The need for Continuous Service Improvement with Pace
  • The Damage caused by too much Self Interest and Greed
  • Implementation Approaches with Proven Success

By the end of the programme delegates will have a clear and thorough understanding of the subject of Customer Loyalty Management. They will know how to measure and analyse any service offering and then how to simply and practically turn it into a series of planned, positive, loyalty building and value enhancing customer experiences. They will also know how to make their colleagues interested and engaged in the subject so they too will want to play their part in designing and delivering ever improving levels and style of customer service.

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