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Interesting Links

The following links are to sites that we recommend are worth a look.

www.select-speakers.com - This is the web site for Chris's speaker agency. Ask for Carol, she deals with all Chris's speaking engagements.

www.Amazon.co.uk - The best UK site to buy Chris's book from.

www.instituteofcustomerservice.com - This is the site for the UK Institute of Customer Service.

www.socapie.eu - SOCAP is the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals. This is the best organisation to join if you want to meet, learn from and share ideas with like minded people in customer service.

www.customercare.com - This is the web site for The Customer Care Institute of America. It contains lots of interesting and useful information for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of the subject.

www.TomPeters.com - The Tom Peters site which is packed full of news and views from Tom and his team.

www.FranklinCovey.com - This is the web site for Stephen Covey. At first sight it appears to be more about selling time planners than promoting Stephen Covey's ideas and materials but as far as we know it's the only site there is and if you search around you do find some interesting Covey material.

www.BlanchardTraining.com - The Ken Blanchard Organisation web site. Full of interesting information about Ken and his many books and other training materials. Have a look at the video clips in the Speakers section - they're brilliant!

www.edwdebono.com - This is the site for Edward de Bono. It's got some really interesting material on it about his views on thinking and creativity.

www.thehouseofcurves.com - This is my son's web site. He does animation and training for people who want to be animators. There are some really interesting movie clips of things he's done (if you're interested in animation).

www.WhatIf.co.uk - At the time of writing this site is not running but it is promised to be finished by the beginning of 2003 and it should be a really interesting site for people interested in the subjects of creativity and innovation.

www.onesixsigma.com - This is a site for Six Sigma specialists. It's mainly for manufacturers but it still has lots of interesting information for people in service who want to understand more about the application of Six Sigma techniques.

www.humournet.co.uk - This is a site for people wanting a laugh. It's full of funny pictures (some of the ones I've used came from this site) and jokes. The only down side is that there are lots of annoying advertising pop-ups that keep appearing (unless you've got the software that stops them).

www.customerimpact.com - This is the web site for a technology business that specialises in gathering event driven customer feedback and then presenting it via custom built dashboards. We have worked closely with CustomerImpact on many projects. They also helped create and now host the Service Excellence Audit.

www.B2Binternational.com - This is an international business to business market research company that we work closely with.

www.customerengagementnetwork.com - This is a site for people interested in the latest thoughts and techniques of customer engagement.

www.operex.co.uk - This is the web site for Mike Price who is one of the best Systems/Lean/Continuous Improvement specialists I've ever worked with.