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Great Leadership

1. The following list is from a slide we use in presentations call 'Turbo-charging the troops'. These are the things that we've discovered can make worthwhile differences to peoples performance at work. They perhaps should become the basis of a checklist for all leaders

  • Must have the right Skill (Competence) AND Attitude (Character)
  • Make sure everyone experiences worthwhile achievements (Make it more than just a job, make it a cause)
  • Make it a caring, supportive environment (High-performance teamwork)
  • Give people the authority to make decisions (for the customer) and permission to act with no fear of failure (Real empowerment)
  • Look for emotional commitment (Not just compliance)
  • Make sure people have work to do they can be proud of (Doing what's right)
  • Make it a high trust environment and then show you trust them (Keep out of their way)

2.Frederick F. Reichheld is the senior consultant at Bain & Co., one of the worlds top strategy consultants. In his book Loyalty Rules, he lists the following 6 things that he's learned about the leaders of organisations that are able to create lasting customer loyalty.

  • Play to win/win: never profit at the expense of partners. It's a short-cut to a dead end.
  • Be picky: membership must be a privilege
  • Keep it simple: complexity is the enemy of speed and responsiveness.
  • Reward the right results: worthy partners deserve worthy goals
  • Listen hard, talk straight: insist on honest, two-way communication and learning.
  • Preach what you practice: explain your principles, then live by them