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High Performance Teamwork

The following list is of a few points we've learned about teams that achieve great things.

High performing teams;

  • Have great leaders
  • Share a (worthwhile) vision with agreed values and behaviours
  • Have well defined and understood team and individual responsibilities
  • Show mutual trust and respect for each others abilities and differences
  • Ensure regular, timely, open, honest, communication of how they're doing
  • Recognise and celebrate all progress, have no fear of failure and learn from mistakes

Patrick Lencioni has a great book about teamwork called 'The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team'. In it he describes what he has learned are the 5 key elements that are essential for high performance teamwork.

In order of importance they are;

  • Absolute TRUST between team members.
  • A willingness to allow constructive CONFLICT during team meetings.
  • The COMMITMENT of all team members to the agreed team goals.
  • Everyone in the team accepting ACCOUNTABILITY for the delivery of their commitments.
  • A clear focus on RESULTS.

  • This is not easy to achieve or maintain - but there's no doubt it works.