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The right people for Service Work

Most people will have heard the phrase 'Hire for attitude and train for skill'. It's a concept that is particularly important when recruiting people for service positions. But another phrase we often hear regarding this is 'That's easier said than done!' So how do you do it?

With the help of Professor Adrian Furnham of University College London (one of Europe's most knowledgeable academics on the subject), The Academy of Service Excellence have developed a recruitment system that is intended specifically to make it possible to attract and select people that have a natural talent for service; we call them service STARS.

Full details of the STARS selection system are outlined on our website. However it's purpose is to make it easy to identify those ideal candidates who possess the following key character traits -

  • Are warm, kind and unselfish - These are people who cannot see another person in difficulty without offering help. They are natural 'givers' rather than 'takers'.
  • Have a positive outlook on life - These people always look for the best in others. They always see a 'half-full' glass and are definitely not 'nit-pickers' or 'criticisers'. Rather, they are able to bring sunshine, happiness and laughter into any room or meeting.
  • Have great rapport and get on well with others – They are natural networkers with a big circle of friends. They go out of their way to get to know and build relationships with as many colleagues as possible. They look forward to and often create opportunities to meet others.
  • Are sensitive to others feelings and know how to react - They are people that not only have great empathy and can therefore sense the way others are feeling, but are also able to then adjust their own behaviour so as to act appropriately.
  • Are hard working and keen to achieve worthwhile results - These people are happy to volunteer for extra work that will help the team. They enjoy being recognised for work well done and react well to both genuine compliments and constructive criticism.

These people are a product of their upbringing. Their attitude to life and the way they behave is a result of both nature and nurture. Put them in an environment (culture) that recognises, encourages and rewards their natural behaviour and they will flourish. But put them in the wrong environment, they will feel uncomfortable, wither and probably leave. So don't hire them until you have the right environment.