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Moments of Trust

After he successfully steered SAS Airlines from loss to profit in the 1980s, Jan Carlzon wrote the book about his experiences that he entitled Moments of Truth. It’s a great book about a business turn around with customer experience as the focus of all activities. Since then that phrase, Moments of Truth, has been widely used to explain what happens during the many experiences customers have while doing business with any organisation. I referred to it recently in a workshop I was running and someone said that a better title for these experiences would be “Moments of Trust”.

The more I think about this more I agree. It reminds me of when I was working with Clarkes Shoes and their then Retail Director, David Lockyer, used to say that in successful businesses their logo is more of a Trust Mark than a Trade Mark. It’s something that should indicate a brand that can be trusted. And in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Dr Stephen Covey wrote that Trust is the vital element in all relationships. This further endorses the fact that Trust is an essential element for business success.

Every one of the many interactions and experiences customers have with an organisation have the ability to build, maintain or damage Trust and through it loyalty. So Moments of Trust is a far better title for them and from now on I shall be using it whenever I can.

Chris Daffy