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My top takeaways from the 2015 ICS Annual Conference

I was at the annual Institute of Customer Service conference earlier this week. As always it was an excellent event with some great speakers. The most messages for me were -

  1. Service really matters to the UK economy Ė 78% of the UKís GDP now comes from the Service Sector and 20% of the Manufacturing Sectors revenue also comes form the services they provide.

  2. Employee Engagement is a key to success in any organisation. In the service sector two things seem to be key elements of engagement Ė
    a. Being proud of where I work and what I do.
    b. Being empowered to do the right things for customers.

  3. Maybe a better word for Empowerment would be Liberation. Itís less about giving people something and more about taking away those things that stop them doing the right things for customers.

  4. Itís commonly said that Ďwhat gets measured gets doneí. Thatís right but many businesses fall into the trap of only measuring things that they find easy to measure, which is usually the numbers. But what matters most is harder to measure, like the way we make customers feel. But although itís hard, itís definitely worth the effort.

  5. Most organisations put Vision before Values. But maybe it should be the other way around with Values at the top? After all, what is the use of a Vision if it doesnít conform to the business Values?

  6. 6. The best way to rethink a business model that is fast getting out of date and is no longer relevant to customers is first to let customers be the designers of the new model, and then to let them also be the reviewers of how the new model is working for them.

  7. Many organisations have a Purpose, but how about calling it a Cause or perhaps even a Revolution?

  8. We all gather feedback from customers in some form or another, (or at least we should) but itís of no real value if it then canít be used wisely to provide an insight into how customers are thinking.