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Most people will have at some time been served by someone with an exceptional ability; one of those people with a talent or 'flair' for service that appears effortless and natural. Such skill is mainly a result of that person's upbringing and character, which is why people say you should 'Hire for attitude and train for skill'. This is a great concept which is especially important when recruiting people for service positions. But another phrase we often hear regarding this concept is 'That's easier said than done!' So how do you do it? At The Academy of Service Excellence we have been working with various world class service organisations for many years, helping them develop ways to crack this problem.

We have now decided to make what we've learned more widely available and, with the help of specialists in organisational psychology, created a psychometric testing system that is specifically tuned to recognise potential Service STARS and that can easily be used by anyone in any organisation.

The system is now ready for validation and by completing it you will be helping us confirm our research is correct and that this STARS recruitment system will identify those people that have the natural talents (flair) and character to be a service STAR.

Completing the survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes. All responses are anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers so please answer honestly. After completing it you will have the opportunity to provide an e-mail address so we may send you details of the results from the survey plus a free report about Customer Service Excellence.

I hope you will decide to take part in the survey. Please feel free contact us if you have any specific queries.

Thank you

Chris Daffy

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